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April 11, 2017

Maragakis – Smoke Signals [Groove House] (2017)

Maragakis - Smoke Signals [Groove House] (2017) submitted by /u/SubtoneRecords
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The Old Dominion in Song: Lamb of God’s “Hourglass” and Virginia’s Brand of Violence (Feature)

Bombardments, assaults, volley-fire, flank attacks — this is the vocabulary of Virginia’s bellicose imagination. It’s also an apt lexicon for describing Lamb of God’s catalog.

Lyricists and Composers are ‘Links in a Chain’ in Absorbing ‘More Songwriters on Songwriting’ (Re:Print)

Paul Zollo’s book is a satisfying sequel in which composers from Paul Simon to Sia, Elvis Costello to Loretta Lynn, discuss their creative processes.

Filmmaker as Prism: An Interview With Terence Davies of ‘A Quiet Passion’ (Feature)

Davies reflects on his response to Emily Dickinson’s work and the echoes of the poet within himself.

Gonjasufi: Mandela Effect (Review)

Gonjasufi offers a companion piece to his most recent album which furthers his dark and warped artistic vision.

Sondre Lerche: Pleasure (Review)

Messy in its composition and its emotions, Pleasure finds Sondre Lerche creatively unhinged — and what fun it is.

Alfred Hitchcock May Be a Moralist, but He Does Not Moralize (Column)

Hitchcock’s Moral Gaze argues that Hitchcock examined the darkest edges of his characters to help his audience understand their connection with the act of watching, gazing, and sometimes not connecting.