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April 10, 2017

Ano(t)raks – You’re Mine / 春は恋の予感の季節

The latest from Ano(t)raks is the sort of thing that’s perfect for an early afternoon break which…well would you look at that, the exact scenario I’m writing this post during! @INCENSEGREENS’ Someday In The Spring is a brief… (in post Sweets Break: @INCENSEGREENS Someday In The Spring from Make Believe Melodies. More by this artist at )

AURORA – Teardrop (Cover)

Great, but perhaps too faithful (?), cover of Massive Attack‘s trip-hop classic, “Teardrop” by Australian group, Aurora. Perfect late night vibes…. (in post [MP3 + Music Video] AURORA – Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover) from Different Kitchen. More by this artist at )

Hormonal Rush: The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of Shakespears Sister (Feature)

In 1992, Shakespears Sister released Hormonally Yours, a bizarre, moonlit excursion into gothic glam-pop, featuring a host of songs beamed in from the galaxies of sci-fi.

Actress: AZD (Review)

Scottish producer Actress evokes abandoned spaces, decaying yet futuristic, with skill and precision.

Idealism to Mass Murder in ‘The Road to Jonestown’ (Review)

The author of Manson tracks how Jim Jones’ tragic magnetism and promises of racial solidarity and socialist utopia pulled hundreds of people into his fatal orbit.

Be Brave: An Interview With Jenn Grant (Feature)

On Paradise, Jenn Grant looks for ways to stay connected and finds them in people, in nature, in dreams, in moments, and in the universe.

TRU & WULFE – Wasted Hearts

We have always taken pride in giving new producers, bands & artists the opportunity to have their music heard by a world-wide audience, and our location-based NEWCOMER series is the place for us to showcase some of the… (in post Newcomers: Goldn, WULFE, Lia Lia & SLACKIN’ BEATS from acid stag. More by this artist at )