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April 3, 2017

Can You Believe It?: The ‘No Such Thing As a Fish’ Podcast (Column)

The researchers behind BBC’s QI emerge from behind the scenes to inform, entertain and tease via their award-winning podcast, No Such Thing As a Fish.

Gifted Gab – Orange Skyline

Gifted Gab just released 5000 Watts’ remix of this classic track “Orange Skyline” which I’ve tagged below. My girl in Seattle Gabrielle Tical, gives us her contemporary take on classic hip-hop of the De-la-soul era and brings it… (in post Gifted Gab just released 5000 Watts’ remix of this classic track… from Paintmode. More by this artist at )

The Other Is a Void: Intimacy and Loss in ’45 Years’ (Review)

45 Years gently explores the unbridgeable distance that is hidden within intimacy.

J. Cole: The Coronation of a Hip-Hop Underdog (Feature)

J. Cole is like King David, Kanye West is like King Saul. So goes the biblical story…

Future Islands: The Far Field (Review)

If Future Islands have created a formula, they have yet to exhaust its creative potential.

Lydia Ainsworth: Darling of the Afterglow (Review)

Lydia Ainsworth’s sophomore LP is a warmer and more open effort than Right from Real, one that achieves remarkable consistency throughout.

‘Elvis’s Army’: Training for a War That Never Came (Review)

A masterful look at the US Army between Korea and Vietnam: stumbling into an uncertain future, amid racial integration, endless paperwork, and nuclear-armed jeeps.