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April 3, 2017

Can You Believe It?: The ‘No Such Thing As a Fish’ Podcast (Column)

The researchers behind BBC’s QI emerge from behind the scenes to inform, entertain and tease via their award-winning podcast, No Such Thing As a Fish.

The Other Is a Void: Intimacy and Loss in ’45 Years’ (Review)

45 Years gently explores the unbridgeable distance that is hidden within intimacy.

J. Cole: The Coronation of a Hip-Hop Underdog (Feature)

J. Cole is like King David, Kanye West is like King Saul. So goes the biblical story…

Future Islands: The Far Field (Review)

If Future Islands have created a formula, they have yet to exhaust its creative potential.

Lydia Ainsworth: Darling of the Afterglow (Review)

Lydia Ainsworth’s sophomore LP is a warmer and more open effort than Right from Real, one that achieves remarkable consistency throughout.

‘Elvis’s Army’: Training for a War That Never Came (Review)

A masterful look at the US Army between Korea and Vietnam: stumbling into an uncertain future, amid racial integration, endless paperwork, and nuclear-armed jeeps.

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling: IV (Review)

The Avett Brothers frontman returns to his solo project after over a decade, and it’s a good one.