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April 1, 2017

XXXTENTACION – I Spoke to the Devil in Miami He Said Everything Would Be Fine

As far as I can tell XXXTentacion is a violent jerkoff prone to domestic violence and an overinflated opinion of himself. Medieval knights were vicious shitheads who did heinous stuff and then wallowed in their own beautiful sorrow… (in post XXX…

SLOGAN – La Beauté du Geste

SLOGAN is a French sultry-electronics duo. Towards the tail end of last month they revealed the four track EP – La Beauté du Geste my pick of which is the opener and title. There a few tracks behind… (in post SLOGAN – La Beauté du Geste – Audio from Emerging Indie Bands. More by this artist at )

TheDolphinShow – Tics

Words: Sam Geary Some pretty mean guitar going on in this new single from Australian alt-rock four-piece The Dolphin Show. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the band return with this latest track, which was released in March -… (in post Track Of The Day :: The Dolphin Show – Tics from Little Indie Blogs. More by this artist at )

Goodly Thousands – Spree

アイルランド/ダブリン出身のギターポップバンド Goodly Thousandsが、新曲 ‘Spree’を公開! 「隠れた逸材」というか活動自体がマイペースで、たまーに出す新曲が常に最高なバンドです。正式リリースは下記の […] (in post Shelflifeの隠れた逸材!ダブリンのネオアコバンド Goodly Thousandsが新曲 ‘Spree’を公開 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

Karaocake – Youth slip

フランス/パリを拠点に活動するデュオ Karaocakeが、ニューアルバム『Here & Now』をname your priceで発表! Karaocakeは、Camille Chambonによるソロプロジェクトとして […] (in post [NYP] チープでキュートなシンセポップ!Karaocakeが新作『Here & Now』を発表 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

It’s For Us – In The Space

スウェーデン/ストックホルム出身のポストパンクバンド It’s For Usが、4/25にLuxuryからリリースするニューアルバム『Come With Me』より ‘In The Space’を公開! It’s For […] (in post 北欧ポストパンクバンド It’s For Us、4/25リリースの新作から ‘In The Space’を公開 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

eugene cam – Immaculate

Eugene cam are always always on my Soundcloud feed, being reposted or what not and I don’t think I have posted them before but they are super talented, check this track featured on Daruma‘s Vol. 10 release. These… (in post THINKPIECE: Soundcloud Compilations featuring – Eugene cam // Immaculate from OTPT. More by this artist at )