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March 2017

Veil Of Light – Ursprung Remixed

Dark EBM/techno featuring Codex Empire, Phase Fatale, S S S S and Veil Of Light.1 Your Dagger (S S S S Remix), 2 Trust (Phase Fatale Remix), 3 Medusa (Blush Response Remix), 4 Alles (Codex Empire Remix)

Celestial Being – Vapour Rises

beautiful, melancholy, meditative deep house.1 Vapour Rises (First Light version), 2 Vapour Rises (Studio mix), 3 Vapour Rises (Winter vocal Suite), 4 Beings Beyond Comprehension, 5 Dedication To The Light, 6 Chant Of Antara

Four313 – Four313 EP

FOUR313 (Blake Baxter / Santonio Echols / Eddie Fowlkes / Thomas Barnett) – Blake, Eddie, Santonio & Thomas have joined forces as the unit FOUR313, a group name with meaning and purpose, and that is to preserve Detroit’s ”true” history in dance music and support the DJ culture through vinyl releases. The debut album of FOUR313 will be released with the launch of their new record label called ”Ther Label”
1 Blake Baxter – The Messenger Remix, 2 Santonio Echols – Techno Don’t Stop, 3 Eddie Fowlkes – Don’t Complain, 4 Thomas Barnett – Overlords

Rude 66 – From Reason To Ritual

Early 20th century. Barbarism on an industrial scale. After the final shots had rung out Europe was left a husk, a shell to be rebuilt. And she did rebuild. Slowly, but surely, normality returned. Different zones. Different ideologies. One Europe. Yet not everyone was happy. Within this struggling continent there were those who saw the hand of authoritarianism at the wheel, past criminals ruling and lands being led back to dictatorship. The solution: the sub machine gun.

From Reason to Ritual is Rude 66’s most ambitious album to date. Amsterdam’s premier electronic musician maps the rise and fall of terrorism over two slabs of wax. Gruesome naivety, one that led to countless deaths, is given an electro beat on the first record, “Reason.” Warbling wave vocals from Ruud’s wife Shaunna tell a bitter tale of paranoia and looming violence. That violence is truly realised on the second record “Ritual.” Beats rain like shards of broken glass, constricted acid and echo as the enemy closes in for the final hollow defeat. An album that takes you from manifesto to death march.

Comes in deluxe gatefold edition with lyrics sheets and colored vinyl limited to 500 copies.
1 I Represent The Darkness, 2 Without A Reason, 3 On The Edge Of Time, 4 Paranoia, 5 Chasing After Shadows, 6 The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes, 7 Burning Down The Fascination, 8 The Ritual

Neunaugen – Dazzling Tongue

From the westcoast of Sweden Neunaugen gives you three funky-space-electro-acid tracks for the dancefloor. No chance to sit still when this is played. Electro boogie! 1 Dazzling Tongue , 2 Four Letter Word , 3 Friccion

Svreca & Retina.it / Nuel – Konstrukt 005

The gravitational pull of the moon lets the water flow gracefully. Way off past awareness, in and out of reach like a half remembered dream.1 Svreca & Retina It – Avenza, 2 Svreca & Retina It – Aquatermae, 3 Nuel – Luna, 4 Nuel – Uniforms

Cucumb45 – Something Weirdcore

Cucumb45 with the 5-track EP ‘Something Weirdcore’. On the surface there are elements of jungle, breakbeat, techno and rave.
1 Something Weirdcore4, 2 [Karate Latte Heep Mix4], 3 Akureyri, 4 14 Comatack 3, 5 Music For Advertising