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March 19, 2017

PZL119: Gentle Brent – Tea & Butter Tarts

カナダ/トロントを拠点に活動するミュージシャン Brent Randallによる別名義 Gentle Brentが、3/3にJigsawからニューアルバム『Just Dandy』をリリース! Brent Randallは […] (in post 新生活のウキウキを加速させる一枚!Gentle Brentがアルバム『Just Dandy』をリリース from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

A7PHA: A7PHA (Review)

Alt-rap veterans Doseone and Mestizo combine for A7PHA’s debut record, an experimental album that will challenge and bemuse many listeners but remains deeply original and technically fantastic.

Ruthie Foster: Joy Comes Back (Review)

Like all of Foster’s albums, this one contains a diverse selection of bluesy material with a folk-rock edge and a gospel bottom.

Science, Creativity, and Imagination (and the Earth) (Review)

Earth partners something even more unlikely than pumpkin and coffee or Nutella and bacon: an English professor and a planetary scientist.

The Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Review)

Fifty years on, the Grateful Dead’s debut gets the deluxe reissue treatment along with an early, previously unreleased live performance.

Walker Lukens – Never Understood

Sounds like: Spoon, The Black Keys Song: Walker Lukens – Never Understood What’s so good? The only thing more exhausting than running back and forth between the Red River District and the East Side this week was Walker… (in post Walker Lukens – …

Audio Dope – New Life

Fin 2015, le projet suisse Audio Dope installé à Basel y allait d’un EP (Solar) de trois titres incluant la trop courte New Life… L’an dernier, Audio Dope dont la musique se retrouve sur Bandcamp et iTunes méritait… (in post Audio Dope – New Life from El Tino. More by this artist at )