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March 18, 2017

Axel Boman – Geeks / Voodoo

New sublabel from studio barnhus where Axel will mostly put out his own releases. Vinyl Only.
1 Geeks, 2 Voodoo

Edward – Shufflehead

Die Orakel presents three spaced out excursions by Edward.1 Shufflehead, 2 Dekta, 3 Etern

Antoni Maiovvi – Adams/Branca

Driftmusic, version: K / Wht / 001 – Exploring the deep roots of Avrokosm, where occult still means hidden, starting in reverse. Best foot forward, two epic Reich-esque ttrriippmuzik cuts exploring rhythm, harmony and polymeter. Beyond the cloud sucker…

Various Artists – Loving Mighty Fire Nippon Funk Soul and Disco 1973-1983

Compilation of Japanese funk, soul and disco for Ace Records offshoot BGP International. From mavericks like Haruomi Hosono of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, with his low-down proto-disco groove, to soul singer Minako Yoshida belting it out on the epic title track; jazz vocalist Yasuko Agawa (of LA Nights fame) sweetly covers Roberta Flack, while Memphis soul group Ebonee Webb, funk up a Japanese folk tune, and that’s just for starters. This compilation shows that Japan not only voraciously consumed soul and its offshoot genres, but – unknown to the rest of the world – it carved out its own sound too. Comes with original sleeves and label artwork, and voluminous sleeve notes.
1 Lily – Bye Bye Session Band, 10 Miyako Chaki – Maboroshi No Hito, 11 Kay Ishiguro – Banana, 12 Masaaki Hirao – Funky Miyo-chan, 13 Ebonee Webb – Yashow Macashow, 14 Naoya Matsuoka & Minako Yoshida – Loving Mighty Fire, 2 Rie Nakahara – Sentimental Hotel, 3 Haruomi Hosono – Barato Yajuu, 4 Yasuko Agawa – Why Don’t You Move In With Me, 5 Pink Lady – Jiken Ga Okitara Bell Ga Naru, 6 Yuko Asano – Summer Champion (Summer Dream), 7 Junko Ohashi – Dancing, 8 Masayoshi Takanaka – Rainbow Paradise, 9 Mari Natsuki – Uragiri

Basil Kirchin – Silicon Chip

Trunk Records caught everyone off guard way back in 2003 when they embarked on a series of reissues from the off-kilter musical world of Basil Kirchin, with his seriously scored orchestras, science fiction experiments, home-spun psychedelia and avant g…

Darshan Jesrani – Mirror Test

“Mirror Test” conjures that rare mood between darkness and elation, contemplation and celebration, and drives it home with an infectious, jacking rhythm section which recalls the late-80s NY club music of Boyd Jarvis and Paul Simpson, and labels like Easy Street and Fourth Floor, but imbues the sound with a toughness and precision only possible today. Analog synth figures, glassy and angular, ricochet around the track, trading jabs with funky snare work and robotic, stabby chord patterns to create a hook-laden machine groove which demands repeated listening.
The record’s B-side feature, “Replace Yourself,” is the subtler, dreamier, more futuristic of the two. Unmistakably urban with its swinging, bottom-heavy groove and strange, architectural chord work, it seduces and transports. “Replace Yourself” dares you to do exactly that.
1 Mirror Test, 2 Replace Yourself

London Modular Alliance – Home Grown EP

Hailing from London, London Modular Alliance are a trio of modular enthusiasts, often performing live, completely on the fly using modular synths and live improvisation. Members include Koova , Yes Effect and Pip Williams , but on this new EP for Hyper…