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March 13, 2017

ARCADE – Bilberries & Mushrooms (Bering Strait Archives) cassette + MP3 download code

Title: Bilberries & Mushrooms
Artist: ARCADE
Label: Bering Strait Archives
Format: cassette + MP3 download code

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Manao Tupapau
MP3 Sample Cotton Buds
MP3 Sample Valor
MP3 Sample Indian Rubber Desert
MP3 Sample Bilberries & Mushrooms
MP3 Sample Koya

ARNALDO – Naturist Recordings 000 (Naturist Recordings) hand-stamped 12″ + insert

Title: Naturist Recordings 000Artist: ARNALDOLabel: Naturist RecordingsFormat: hand-stamped 12″ + insertTrack listing: Ceramics Heritage On The Sign Sleeping Assault

American DJ Bubbletron XL Bubble Machine (American DJ)

Product: American DJ Bubbletron XL Bubble MachineManufacturer: American DJProduct type: bubble machine

AEROSMITH – Done With Mirrors (remastered) (Geffen US) 180 gram vinyl LP

Title: Done With Mirrors (remastered)Artist: AEROSMITHLabel: Geffen USFormat: 180 gram vinyl LPMonday ShippingTrack listing: Let The Music Do The Talking My Fist Your Face Shame On You The Reason A Dog Shela Gypsy Boots She’s On Fire The Hop

ACRONYM – Off The Grid (Dimensional Exploration Germany) 12″

Title: Off The GridArtist: ACRONYMLabel: Dimensional Exploration GermanyFormat: 12″Track listing: Submarine K-221 Off The Grid It Lives Below To Breath Under Water

ALL OF THEM WITCHES – The Coven (Burning Witches US) hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP limited to 250 copies + MP3 download code

Title: The CovenArtist: ALL OF THEM WITCHESLabel: Burning Witches USFormat: hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP limited to 250 copies + MP3 download codeTrack listing: The Black Queen The Hunt Music Box Devil’s Pepper We Drift Conjuring Hungry Shadows Beck…

Review on Andrew Whitwell Station EP

Here comes the first issue of UK based Mode7 Records that initializes also the first appearance of Andrew Whitwell on the map of house producers. A circumstance that might not be obvious when the beats, pads and stabs of his Station EP arrive t