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March 13, 2017

ARCADE – Bilberries & Mushrooms (Bering Strait Archives) cassette + MP3 download code

Title: Bilberries & Mushrooms
Artist: ARCADE
Label: Bering Strait Archives
Format: cassette + MP3 download code

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Manao Tupapau
MP3 Sample Cotton Buds
MP3 Sample Valor
MP3 Sample Indian Rubber Desert
MP3 Sample Bilberries & Mushrooms
MP3 Sample Koya

ARNALDO – Naturist Recordings 000 (Naturist Recordings) hand-stamped 12″ + insert

Title: Naturist Recordings 000Artist: ARNALDOLabel: Naturist RecordingsFormat: hand-stamped 12″ + insertTrack listing: Ceramics Heritage On The Sign Sleeping Assault

American DJ Bubbletron XL Bubble Machine (American DJ)

Product: American DJ Bubbletron XL Bubble MachineManufacturer: American DJProduct type: bubble machine

AEROSMITH – Done With Mirrors (remastered) (Geffen US) 180 gram vinyl LP

Title: Done With Mirrors (remastered)Artist: AEROSMITHLabel: Geffen USFormat: 180 gram vinyl LPMonday ShippingTrack listing: Let The Music Do The Talking My Fist Your Face Shame On You The Reason A Dog Shela Gypsy Boots She’s On Fire The Hop

ACRONYM – Off The Grid (Dimensional Exploration Germany) 12″

Title: Off The GridArtist: ACRONYMLabel: Dimensional Exploration GermanyFormat: 12″Track listing: Submarine K-221 Off The Grid It Lives Below To Breath Under Water

ALL OF THEM WITCHES – The Coven (Burning Witches US) hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP limited to 250 copies + MP3 download code

Title: The CovenArtist: ALL OF THEM WITCHESLabel: Burning Witches USFormat: hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP limited to 250 copies + MP3 download codeTrack listing: The Black Queen The Hunt Music Box Devil’s Pepper We Drift Conjuring Hungry Shadows Beck…

Soprano Chelsea Shephard Finding Professional Success

from: https://www.musicinst.org/event-listings