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March 12, 2017

‘On the Nature of Daylight’: Arrival’s Gentle, Beating Heart (Feature)

Max Richter’s ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ signaled that as a new parent, I was going to have a relationship with Arrival’s message.

Has Corporate Malfeasance Signaled an End to Law and Order in America? (Column)

Has the US become a country where crime pays? Could the corporate death penalty help rein in America’s criminal banks?

Spoon: Hot Thoughts (Review)

The melodies on Hot Thoughts might be Spoon’s stickiest in a while, and the album strikes a near-perfect balance between traditional songs and adventurous sounds.

Paul Weller: Jawbone – Music From the Film (Review)

The ageless, prolific Weller steps out of his comfort zone with his first soundtrack, and it’s a moody, psychedelic gem.

Ha Ha Tonka: Heart-Shaped Mountain (Review)

A pleasant collection of ear worms, soon to appear on a soundtrack near you.

CRAIG RICHARDS/VOLKAN AKIN/JOSH TWEEK/HAMID/JESSE MORRISON – Methods For The Madness Vol 1 (H+ ( HPLS )) 2xLP limited to 200 copies

Title: Methods For The Madness Vol 1Artist: CRAIG RICHARDS/VOLKAN AKIN/JOSH TWEEK/HAMID/JESSE MORRISONLabel: H+ ( HPLS )Format: 2xLP limited to 200 copiesTrack listing: H+Jt 01 H+Va 01 H+Cr 01 H+Yy H+Va 01 H+Cr 02 H+Jt 02 H+Jm

Environ Records T Shirt (grey with white logo, medium) (Environ US)

Product: Environ Records T Shirt (grey with white logo, medium)Manufacturer: Environ USProduct type: t-shirt, medium size